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Tasks example

Answer Survey

  • 1Go to the form: https://form.google.com/123
  • 2Please answer the questionnaire carefully
  • 3Click finish to submit responses
  • Do the task and receive $0.17

Example of tasks you can create for thousands of people to do for you or that you can do and get paid

How it works

At Kuest you publish tasks and are connected to thousands of people, so they can be completed

any type of online task, use your creativity

As creator
Create any task
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Choose how many people should perform
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Receive and evaluate the services of workers

You can create one task at a time or use our API to connect your company's system and generate tasks to automate your project.

As a worker
Search for tasks you want to perform
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Complete in the requested time
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Wait for the payment to be released by the creator

Kuest is helping many families who have lost their jobs in this global crisis by offering short tasks to be performed full-time or as extra income in their free time wherever you are.


Features that will help you

See the list below of what features you can use to assist you

API system

Use our api to connect to your company's system and create tasks automatically

Validation of users

The more you create tasks, the more users you trust will perform your tasks.


Disclose us and receive commission when they make purchases or tasks

Selected tasks

You can choose categories and only fulfill tasks of this desired category

Advanced filter

Select an audience in your region, gender, age or interest to perform their tasks (coming soon)

Get paid in 24 hours

We ask up to 72 hours, but most of the time receive the money from your withdrawal in less than 24 hours.

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